Kennel Hayaklause

Puppies 6 weeks

Rainy days mean that puppies spend a lot of time indoor. Here is some photos of our puppies having indoor games.

Girl 1., our Pirkko wants to come to bed.




After some hours playing Pirkko is tired.

2. boy, Hayaklause Jamboree "Jamo"

Jamo, just time to sleep.

3. boy, Hayaklause Jericho "Kyösti" talking with Tuomo.

Kyösti and Pirkko had inside games with new guality toy named Neroko.

Kyösti is always Pirkko´s idol.


4. girl, Hayaklause Jungfrau "Kylli", so sweet and always happy little teddybear.

Kylli again...

Kylli has new style to sit at midsummerfest.

5. girl, Hayaklause Janda ready to attack.


6. boy, Hayaklause Jakim "Aarre" is playful but kind.

Midsummer greetings!

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