Kennel Hayaklause

Puppies 9 weeks

Today we had visitors, 3 puppies (Jamo, Aarre and Kylli) from our J-litter. Pirkko had a funny day by playing with her sister and brothers. Down are photos of playing and swimming 9 weeks old J-puppies. Thanks for visitors and well come again! Photos; Vesa Kautio & Raila

Jamo (Hayaklause Jamboree) 9 weeks


Aarre (Hayaklause Jakim) 9 weeks

Kylli (Hayaklause Jungfrau) 9 weeks

Pirkko (Hayaklause Jubilee) 9 weeks


Aarre and Pirkko

Kylli, Pirkko, Jamo and Aarre

Looking if mother still give some milk.

riverfresh Jamo

Before and....


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