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Raila Nieminen

Raila Nieminen

perjantai, 18 toukokuu 2012 16:08

J-litter one week

This heart made by one week old Hayaklause J-puppies.

lauantai, 26 toukokuu 2012 23:17

J-litter two weeks

Puppies are two weeks, eyes are open and they were first time out. (boy 2. and girl 1.)

maanantai, 28 toukokuu 2012 22:32

Puppies 17 days

Hayaklause Jubilee "Pirkko" 17 days old.

perjantai, 01 kesäkuu 2012 22:34

Puppies 3 weeks

Today puppies are 3 weeks old. Here is some photos of them. She is 1. girl.

maanantai, 04 kesäkuu 2012 20:25

Puppies 3.5 weeks

Today we had warm enough and our 24 days old puppies played outside.

tiistai, 12 kesäkuu 2012 22:39

Puppies 4 weeks

1. girl, Hayaklause Jubilee alias our Pirkko

sunnuntai, 17 kesäkuu 2012 19:27

Puppies 5 weeks

Hayaklause J-puppies are 5 weeks, so sweet and full of energy. Down is some photos of them.

sunnuntai, 24 kesäkuu 2012 10:08

Puppies 6 weeks

Rainy days mean that puppies spend a lot of time indoor. Here is some photos of our puppies having indoor games.

Girl 1., our Pirkko wants to come to bed.




After some hours playing Pirkko is tired.

2. boy, Hayaklause Jamboree "Jamo"

Jamo, just time to sleep.

3. boy, Hayaklause Jericho "Kyösti" talking with Tuomo.

Kyösti and Pirkko had inside games with new guality toy named Neroko.

Kyösti is always Pirkko´s idol.


perjantai, 29 kesäkuu 2012 22:11

Puppies 7 weeks

Our puppies are 7 weeks. All photos by Texterri.

sunnuntai, 15 heinäkuu 2012 00:05

Puppies 9 weeks

Today we had visitors, 3 puppies (Jamo, Aarre and Kylli) from our J-litter. Pirkko had a funny day by playing with her sister and brothers. Down are photos of playing and swimming 9 weeks old J-puppies. Thanks for visitors and well come again! Photos; Vesa Kautio & Raila

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